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Order Thysanura


Thysanura are usually found in moist locations around houses or out-of-doors under stones, bark and boards. They are fast run rapidly and hide in cracks and crevices. Occasionally they damage book bindings, curtains, wallpaper, etc. Silverfish can be a nuisance in houses. They are secretive and usually are most active at night.

Thysanura are wingless insects with flattened elongate bodies, long antennae and usually with three, long, tail like appendages. Mouth parts are formed for chewing.  Metamorphosis is minimal (young resemble adults except for size). They are up to 3/8 inches long.

Insects in this order:  silverfish, firebrats, bristletails

Silverfish, Lespisma sacchrina (Linnaeus)
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Lespisma sacchrina
(Thysanura: Lepismatidae).
Photo by Drees.

From the book:
Field Guide to Texas Insects,
Drees, B.M. and John Jackman,
Copyright 1999, Gulf Publishing Company,
Houston, Texas

A Field Guide to Common Texas Insects, Bastiaan M. Drees and John A. Jackman.
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