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Order Psocoptera


Psocoptera are tiny insects that have either four wings or none at all. Wings are held tent-like over the back of the body. They generally have long antennae and soft bodies. They have chewing mouthparts. Booklice are found around old books, papers and in damp, dark rooms. Those with wings are called psocids (pronounced "so-sids").

Most live outdoors and are found resting in soil litter, around vegetation or on stones, logs and fences. Rather uncommon but may be locally abundant. Some booklice feed on stored grains while others are library pests.

They undergo gradual (paurometabolous) metamorphosis with the life stages are egg, nymph and adult. They range in size from microscopic to 1/4-inch.

See barklice.

Barklice, Archipsocus nomas Gurney, silk-wrapped tree trunk. Photo by Drees.
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Archipsocus nomas Gurney (Psocoptera: Archipsocidae), silk-wrapped tree trunk.
Photo by Drees.

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A Field Guide to Common Texas Insects, Bastiaan M. Drees and John A. Jackman.
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