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A Banded-Winged Grasshopper
A banded-winged grasshopper, Arphia sp. Photo by Drees.
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A banded-winged grasshopper,
Arphia sp.
(Orthoptera: Acrididae).
Photo by Drees.



Common Name: Banded-winged grasshopper
Scientific Name: Arphia sp.
Order: Orthoptera

Description: Adult is 1 to 1-1/2 inches long, grayish brown to black and mottled with numerous spots. Hind wings, seen only when they fly, are bright orange red. As all grasshoppers, they have chewing mouth parts. These grasshoppers make a clicking sound during an erratic flight path. However, no sound is made during controlled flight.

Life Cycle: Mated females lay egg pods containing about 20 eggs in soil during the fall. Wingless nymphs hatch in early spring and develop through 5 stages (instars) during the late spring and early summer. Adults appear and late summer and fall.

Habitat, Food Source(s): Dry, open, sandy areas with sparse vegetation and along trails. This species feeds on range grasses in open areas.

Pest Status: Not generally considered a plant pest because it is encountered in grassy, open areas.

Management: See more information.

For additional information, contact your local Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service agent or search for other state Extension offices.

Literature: Capinera and Sechrist 1982.

From the book:
Field Guide to Texas Insects,
Drees, B.M. and John Jackman,
Copyright 1999
Gulf Publishing Company,
Houston, Texas

A Field Guide to Common Texas Insects, Bastiaan M. Drees and John A. Jackman.


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